【Industrial reinforce cleaners】
Acid cleaning inhibitor KD-369 for hydrochloric acid、hydrofluoric acid and other non-oxygen acid.
KD-370 for sulfuric acid、nitric acid and other oxygen acid.
Degreaser(liquid) KD-905 series (Alkaline types)
KD-906 series (Neutral types)
KD-907 series (Acid types)
KD-601 series (Alkaline types)
Explanation: Belongs to surfactant type, the dirt oil and residues sticking on the surface of metals are easily removed from the surface.
Rust inhibitor KD-108 (water borne)
KD-109 (oily borne)
Paint Remover for metal surface KD-600 (A agent & B agent)
Special oil striper for metal surface KD-700 series
Explanation: solvent type, can dry quickly on the metal surface for continuous process demand.
Glossy Agent KD-200 series
Dewaterscale agent KD-111 series
Cleaners KD-900 series
Explanation: Cleaning the dirt, grease or residue on the surface of steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper and ceramics.
Cleaners KD-910 series
Explanation: Cleaning the dirt on the surface of recycled plastic products and glassware ; removing the labels on the surface.
KD-601 series Paint & oil & dirt remover (stripper) for metal surface and recycled plastic products.
Others Cleaners for other products can also be developed in our laboratory.

【Waterborne surface treatment agents series】
W-9036 series、W-8033 series Waterborne surface treatment agents formulated compounding for coating on PVC、NBR and LATEX disposal gloves.
W-502 series、W-320 series Waterborne surface treatment agents formulated compounding for coating on metal、PVC leather、fiber and paper.
Explanation: excellent hydrolysis resistance, excellent alcohol resistance , excellent adhesive, comfortable touch feeling and non - toxic.

【Elastomers、colors、& other specialty additives】
Elastomers(TENSLON series) PL-22、PL-33、PL-35、PL-38、PL-40、PL-42
Oily borne colors A-1000(White)、A-2000(yellow)、A-3000(blue)、A-4000(green)、A-5000(red)、A-6000(black)...etc.
Water borne colors C-3300(blue)、C-5500(Purple)...etc.
specialty additives
1. Antistatic agents Oily borne and water borne
2. Bio- fungicide &
Liquid type & powder type
【Plasticizers for PVC, PU and Adhesive】
●Heat-, solvent-, oil- resistant and non- migrant polyester type.
●Reactive Special plasticizers.
●Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate and other benzoates.