About Us

1989 J. J. CO. was established. At the beginning stage, J. J. CO. focused on marketing specialty chemicals and additives for plastic and rubber industry, and also provided technical service.
1992 Started to do the researches and develop the products associated with
●Water borne surface treatment agents.
●industrial cleaners & deglues.
●Elastomer、special colors and other special additives.
1995 Set up a plant to manufacture.
Water borne surface treatment agent systems can be applied to the coatings in plastics, NBR, Latex, textile, paper and metals,ect.
Elastomer ----PL-38 systems can be applied to PVC & Rubber for excellent elasticity, highly tensile strength and good abrasive-resistance.
Cleaners & deglues can be used in cleaning and degluing metals such as stainless steel, copper , magnesium, aluminum, etc. and plastic products from recycling.
1997 Reorganize the infrastructure of corporation until now .